Company Profile

ZAK was founded in 1997 in Vienna as an independent Clinical Research Organisation (CRO).

Starting from our core competence in the field of regulatory affairs, we continuously broadened our range of services. Currently our portfolio includes regulatory services, clinical operations, pharmacovigilance services and medical writing in various European countries. Simultaneously we established local representations in several European countries as well as stable and reliable networks of research partners, ensuring regional and global outreach. Throughout the years, ZAK has developed and maintained a client-focused and individual attitude in managing multinational clinical trials and research projects.

Our Mission



As a service provider we are not only committed to our clients achieving the joint targets of our projects but also to monitor individual projects and to ensure maximum transparency.
To fulfill these requirements, our team of experts uses state-of-the-art project management methods.



We consider active listening, precise research, finding solutions and consequent action as the prerequisites of our services.
Even within the highest complexity we pay attention to details and consider correctness and accuracy the top principles when handling confidential data.
This attitude allows us to constantly improve our services and is synonymous with meeting our clients’ needs.



Our services are based on the knowledge, the experience and the competence of our employees. Therefore, it is our clear ambition to provide customized trainings, continuous education as well as professional and individual support to all our employees. Not only the development of the individual but also the constant exchange of knowledge and experience within our team form the basis for our competent client support.

Leadership Team


Contact Person

Jean-Jacques Chirikdjian, M.Sc. (pharm) Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


"Consolidating decades of professional experience with the latest requirements"

Contact Person

Ingrid Hochmayer, M.Sc.

Managing Director/International Head of Clinical Operations/Vendor Manager


"One could believe that over the years everything becomes a routine but hardly a day passes where I am not challenged by new insights and exciting encounters, that's what motivates me over and over again."

Contact Person

Patrizia Kahl-Rainer, D.Sc.

International Group Leader/Senior Project Manager


"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work again." (Confucius)

Contact Person

Éva Ráczkevy, MD

Head of Hungarian Representation/Co-Managing Director


"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise because pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

Our philosophy

Our employees give us the power to compete through their energy, imagination, local insights and dedication to their work.
Within ZAK we share a passion for problem solving and a drive to significantly affect the success of the projects we are entrusted with.
We constantly work on our corporate values which include ongoing improvement of our knowledge, building and cultivating professional networks and partnerships as well as respectful interactions both inside and outside our company.

Our assets

Our stable and long-term committed core team (average of ≥ 12 years experience) and the flat hierarchical structure, enables flexibility in our resources and solid back-up structures, fast knowledge transfer and quick adaption to individual project needs.
We count on a high educational level – all our CRAs have nat. science degrees, including a high percentage of MDs and 90% of our CRAs have an average of 5 years experience.
We are proud of our strong cooperations and long-term established relationships with local investigators, Ethics Committees and Competent Authorities as well as of the big database of experienced investigational sites.
We promote social competence and communication skills and encourage our team to invest time and patience in optimizing their work environment.